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Internal Penetration Testing

The team at ZV Security will mimic the actions of an attacker from inside of your network attempting to gain access to sensitive data (accounts, documents, credentials) and more. This will consist of, but not limited to, SMB Relay, LLMNR/NBT-NS poisoning, pass-the-hash, pass-the-password, kerberoasting, golden and silver ticket attacks, and more.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Sometimes a penetration test is not what a company needs to satisfy their security assessments. Vulnerability scans alone are often enough for some companies to assess the security of their infrastructure. ZV Security will conduct vulnerability scanning on your infrastructure to search and identify known vulnerabilities without actually attempting to exploit them. This will result in a remediation report that prioritizes risk. 

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Physical Penetration Testing 

A company’s physical security is as crucial as any other aspect. ZV Security will attempt to obtain physical access to your server rooms, data centers, network rooms, and all other sensitive locations by any means. Tactics include lock picking, social engineering, drone recon, sensor bypassing, RFID/badge cloning, and more.

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Web Application Testing

Your web apps and websites are also vulnerable to attacks. ZV Security will conduct authenticated and unauthenticated testing following OWASP standards. Our team has an eye for detail and will look to identify vulnerable points throughout your application to ensure the security of your applications and data.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are a core element in a company’s infrastructure, thus, making it extremely prone to attacks. ZV Security will conduct testing on WPA password strength, evil twin attacks, WPA-Enterprise bypassing attacks, and assess network visibility and segmentation.

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External Penetration Testing

The team at ZV Security will mimic the actions of an attacker attempting to break into your network, from the outside. This will consist of full scale reconnaissance, TCP & UDP scanning and enumeration, exploitation, password spraying and credential stuffing, and more attacks. 

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Social Engineering

ZV Security will conduct comprehensive phishing, vishing, whaling, and other sophisticated social engineering attacks to assess your company’s social engineering security. The goal here is gaining access to sensitive data, information, PII, and possibly more depending on the company’s request.

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Red Team Simulation

A Red Team attack simulation puts your company on the front line to defend against a full scale, real-life attack. It is to evaluate the response of your company to a real attack and identify how to improve the defense of a possible future attack.

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Mobile Solutions

On top of penetration testing and web security, ZV Security provides mobile solutions for your company. If your company needs a secure mobile app, ZV Security offers development for iOS devices.

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